Who is Michael Wreford?

Michael Wreford is a double agent—two authors writing as one. For more information, see here.

What made you write Agent Ai?

Of the bountiful number of espionage novels currently on the market, few are set in China and Hong Kong. While some excellent books do exist, protagonists typically skip through the region and brush local dynamics aside. In Agent Ai, through our experiences and observations, we bring Asia’s idiosyncrasies to the fore.

How did you write it?

The early prose was developed as one email conversation. When this became too long (the final copy is over 96,000 words), we migrated to Microsoft Word. We’re grateful to the developers of tools like Dropbox and Quickoffice which made document sharing so much easier. As we live over 600 miles apart, Skype was essential for plot discussions.

What about the Cambodia/Russia back story?

The back story was developed after spending time on the ground in those locations.

How do you find time to write?

Working full-time, with friends, family, and  busy social agendas, writing is a challenge. Agent Ai took over twelve months to complete. It was drafted on iPhones, Blackberrys and laptops at home, in hotel rooms, and just about every mode of transport imaginable.

Which authors influenced your work?

Our biggest debt goes to James Clavell—Noble House is our favourite read.  More generally, we enjoy the “older school” of espionage novelists, notably Graham Greene and John le Carré, along with adventure writers such as George MacDonald Fraser and Patrick Leigh Fermor. Dan Brown is an inspiration, as are the many successful self-published novelists on Amazon and beyond.

What are the rules of Phnom Penh Pickup?

Go there and ask around.

How much of Agent Ai is real?

It’s a work of fiction.