“Reeks with authenticity. An engrossing tale of international espionage steeped in the true reality of contemporary Asia”
Jake Needham, author of THE KING OF MACAU 

“If, like me, you enjoy spy thrillers and are looking for a little bit of a change of setting, you may well enjoy Agent Ai—a thriller in the truest sense of the word.”
Crime Fiction Lover

“Seamlessly melds the old-fashioned spy novel with the computer-generated crime of the 21st century.”

“Tired of 007? Michael Wreford brings you a brand new MI6 contract agent—George Quant—with sharp claws and deadly intelligence. Kill with a Borrowed Knife runs faster than a Japanese bullet train.”
The Book Haven

“Michael Wreford has written an exception first novel.”
Book Readers

“A high octane story requiring a strong stomach.”
Promoting Crime Fiction

“A detailed, thorough, and well-written espionage tale.”
Author Alliance

“Gets you on the edge of your seat.”
The Book Plank

“An action packed, fast paced story with several twists and a lot of adventure.”
Digital Pubbing

“Very much felt transported to locale in this exciting read.”
Trip Fiction

“This book is nonstop action, loaded with hair-pin turns and death-defying one hundred eighty degree drops.”
Erika Borsos, Vine Voice

“A plethora of twists and turns as tight as the warrens of the narrow back alleys of Hong Kong.”
Sue Ann Vanderpool, Goodreads

“Fast paced, global in its aspect, thrilling and rammed full of complex interesting characters. A competent homage to other great novels of its genre.”
Leamundo, Amazon reviewer

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