Sequel on the way… #amwriting #novel

A few friends and followers have asked “How’s the sequel to KILL WITH A BORROWED KNIFE going?” – so here’s a quick update.

Although he’s a few years older, George Quant refuses to take his foot off the accelerator in the (as yet) unnamed novel. Working as a cloak-and-dagger man for Hong Kong’s leading conglomerate, still moonlighting with western intelligence, George is asked to  develop a “Leading Personality Report” for his customers.

Relieved to be back in the game, what George uncovers trudging around Malaysia, and then Pakistan’s northern tribal areas, spells bad news for his employer. Before he can act, an event with deadly consequence changes all the rules. An international manhunt gets underway, with no stone left unturned.

Against that backdrop is the establishment of a new China securities joint venture business, the maiden voyage of a new high speed train, and the launch of the Shanghai World Expo. With money, lives, and reputations at stake, George is left wondering if he can sort it all out in time.

Coming soon…


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