Book review: An Officer and a Spy, Robert Harris

I’m a big fan of “Number 1 Bestselling author” Robert Harris, and eagerly devoured Enigma, Fatherland, The Ghost, and Archangel. Judging from some of its reviews, I think I was also one of only a handful of people who genuinely enjoyed The Fear Index.

Having said that, I rather struggled with An Officer and a Spy. The cast was so extensive that with the exception of messieurs Picquart, Henry, Dreyfus and the various ministers, it was hard to know who was who …

Perhaps the idea is to refer to the dramatis personae, but with an e-reader that’s something you can more or less forget. Although undeniably well-written, with a train spotter’s attention to detail, I can’t deny that towards the end I was flagging a little.

Three stars!



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