Agent Ai: the story behind the book cover

The Chinese characters at the top “借刀杀人”—or “Kill with a Borrowed Knife”—come from The 36 Stratagems. This historical Chinese essay is an important backdrop in Agent Ai, and each of novel’s chapters (36 in total) quotes one of the stratagems. They tie into the storyline and drive it along.

Binary code. The code represents the digital element of our story—the threat of a powerful cyber weapon. I can’t give away much more than that.

The dark figure with the knife. George Quant is a man on the run. He doesn’t know who to trust and must watch his own back.

The double title. To kill with a borrowed knife: or Agent Ai. Two titles are always better than one—W. Somerset Maugham did it too, with Ashenden: Or the British Agent.

Michael Wreford. For more info on the author, see here.

Thanks to John Amy at for his cooperation.



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